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Urban Mobility Innovation Team

This article was archived on 3/28/2018

Earlier today the City of Tulsa’s Urban Mobility Innovation Team, comprised of leaders and technical experts from business, government, academic, nonprofit, and philanthropic sectors, met to understand how Tulsa can lower barriers for emerging transportation technologies like self-driving and connected vehicles in our city. Tulsa is among the leading cities around the world dedicated to embracing innovation in transportation technology.

Self-driving cars could considerably increase the safety and accessibility of our transportation system. The team wants to understand how transportation technology affects our city and how it could improve the lives of our residents. Several states have already passed enabling legislation to pave the way for self-driving vehicles. Our city is at a point where we can learn from them. 

The team will analyze state and local policy related to self-driving, vehicles, a status of the state of the industry, cyber security, and public private partnerships.

Self-driving technology could help solve some hurdles we have here such as increased access to healthcare, education, and healthy food. Self-driving vehicles can also achieve their full potential when developed as a shared model, such as a taxi without a driver.

In April, we will put together a framework for a larger effort to create a Strategic Mobility Plan for the city, which will consider new transportation technologies and prepare Tulsa to engage with quality data on how it can improve the livability of the city. 

“As we continue to identify opportunities for Tulsa to be a national leader, we recognize that autonomous vehicle technology may represent one of the most significant shifts in how cities function since automobiles were invented. I am thankful for these experts who are volunteering their time to help us prepare for and capitalize on that shift,” said Mayor Bynum.

A list of upcoming Urban Mobility Innovation Team meetings is available online