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Utility Bills, Account System Changing May 1

This article was archived on 6/6/2021

On May 1, the City of Tulsa is changing its utility billing system and the format of utility bills. Customers will be able to register in the new online system beginning on May 3, the first business day. Beginning April 1, new information about this change will be available at 

After more than 20 years of the City of Tulsa utility bill looking the same, the utility bills will have a new look beginning in May 2021. Along with a new look for utility bills, the entire utility billing and account system is getting a makeover with customer-friendly improvements to align with best practices used nationwide.

In the month of April, an insert explaining how to read the new bill is being mailed to City of Tulsa utility customers with their bills. It is attached with this news release. The document also will be available on the City of Tulsa website at the address above.

The goal of these changes is to make the bill easier to understand. Looking at the bill, the amount due is in larger type, so it can be found more easily at a glance. Also, graphs showing water usage over the past year have been added, so customers can compare their water usage from month to month.

Customers who receive their bills through email also will see these changes. As before, customers may manage and interact with their City of Tulsa utility accounts online.

Here are the most important things for customers to notice about the new utility billing system: