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Vibrant Neighborhoods Partnership Announces First Participating Neighborhood

This article was archived on 7/12/2021

The Tulsa Planning Office is pleased to announce the Crosbie Heights neighborhood is the first neighborhood selected to participate in the Vibrant Neighborhoods Partnership, a holistic neighborhood revitalization program aimed at improving neighborhood conditions and resident satisfaction.

The program will align resources from City departments, community partners, and neighborhood leaders to focus support on each participating neighborhood for at least three years.

Supported by funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, this initial round of applications focused on neighborhoods disparately affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Neighborhoods in eligible areas were encouraged to apply in early March, and the Tulsa Planning Office expects to begin an intensive, two-month planning process with neighborhood leaders by mid-April. A targeted plan of action is expected by the end of June, followed by a push to implement those goals and strategies within the next two-to-three years.

Following thorough review, the Crosbie Heights neighborhood just west of downtown emerged as the neighborhood best prepared to undertake this new neighborhood planning initiative. “The Crosbie Heights neighborhood did a tremendous job of outlining the opportunities and challenges their neighborhood faces while showing a strong commitment to work together with all neighbors and stakeholders toward improvement,” said Emily Scott, the neighborhood revitalization planner with the Tulsa Planning Office. “I’m excited to get to work on their goals with them.”

Neighborhood leaders share the enthusiasm about improving the social, service, and built environments of their neighborhood.

“We are deeply invested in implementing the priorities outlined in our Small Area Plan,” said Jasmine Aaenson-Fletcher, President of the Crosbie Heights Neighborhood Association. “We are thrilled to join the Vibrant Neighborhoods Partnership and gain the support to build upon our traditional strengths and assets and move our vision forward in becoming a more exceptional neighborhood.”

Potential tools and resources to support neighborhoods include: 

The next round of applications will be available to apply for next year. In preparation, neighborhoods can start building a coalition and association now.

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