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Parking Frequently Asked Questions

How can I download the ParkMobile app?
You can download the free ParkMobile app in your app store. It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Do the mobile app and other payment options apply to all downtown parking, such as parking garages and surface lot parking?
Currently, the mobile app and payment options are directly for on-street parking and some private parking garages and surface lots. Like most cities, Tulsa has parking garages and surface lots that are operated by private parking companies and the City of Tulsa is only responsible for on-street parking. Check out the ParkMobile app for more information and availability.

What’s the difference between a pay station and a parking meter?
A pay station works with the pay-by-plate system, accepts coin and credit card payments and is currently only found in the Tulsa Arts District.

A parking meter works with the pay-by-space system and only accepts coins.

When will new pay stations be installed throughout downtown?
Within the next year, all meters downtown will be replaced with new parking pay stations that match the Tulsa Arts District pay stations and the new pay-by-plate system.

What happens if I park somewhere and the meter is broken?
If a parking meter is broken, use the convenient mobile app or phone number to pay for parking. You can report a broken meter by calling the City of Tulsa at 311 or using the Tulsa 311 mobile app.

How much does it cost to pay for parking?
The current rate is $1 per hour.

I live downtown. What options are available for me to park?
Residents living downtown can park using the following options: