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Greenwaste Pick Up

Yard waste is organic or garden material such as leaves, grass, plants and branches. Tulsa's trash service makes yard waste removal simple.

If it Fits, That's it
Any extra capacity in your primary trash cart can be used for bagged yard waste. If it fits with the lid completely closed, that's all you need to do. Yard waste can only be placed in your primary trash cart. Yard waste placed in additional carts will not be collected.

Bundle the Branches
For limbs and branches that don't loosely fit in your cart or a bag, tie them into bundles no more than 2-feet across and 4-feet long, and weighing less than 40 lbs.

Extra Green Waste That Doesn't fit in Your Cart and Can't Be Bundled
If you have extra green waste that doesn't fit in your cart and can't be bundled, bag it in a transparent bag and place it at the curb. Please leave three feet of space between your green waste and other objects. You may place a total of 15 bags and/or bundles of yard waste and/or refuse at the curb per week. Yard Waste outside of your refuse cart cannot exceed 40 pounds per bag or bundle.

More Green in Between?
Yard Waste may also be disposed of at no cost at the City of Tulsa's Mulch Site