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Utility Rates

Residential water rates are based on actual water usage each month, according to regular meter readings. Residential customers are charged a meter fee based on the size of their meter and $5.39 for each 1,000 gallons of water used.

Sanitary sewer fees pay for the treatment and disposal of more than 23 billion gallons of wastewater each year. Single-family, residential sanitary-sewer rates are based on the five-year average of water usage billed in the months of December, January and February, or on the current month's water usage, whichever is less. Under either system, residential customers are charged $10.02 per 1,000 gallons of water used.

Residential customers are charged $10.63 per month to pay for operations and maintenance of more than 85 detention ponds, plus other stormwater facilities operated and maintained by the Streets and Stormwater Department. Seventy percent of the money raised by the fee goes toward operations and maintenance of stormwater detention facilities, stream channels, pumping stations, culverts, ditches and other drainage facilities. The rest of the money goes toward small capital projects, utility billing, planning and design services, indirect costs, franchise fee and administration. In addition, the City's stormwater detention facilities provide residents with: open green space for playgrounds, soccer fields and trails; wetlands and ponds that serve as wildlife habitat; flood-resistant commercial and residential development; and safer streets due to drainage improvements.

The City of Tulsa has a pay-as-you-throw residential refuse program. Rates vary depending on cart size and pick-up frequency. You can also choose curbside or backyard service. Find out more online.

EMSAcare Emergency Medical Service Program Fee
Households within Tulsa's city limits will be automatically enrolled in the EMSAcare medical service program. This means you and all permanent residents of your household will receive EMSAcare benefits and pay no out-of-pocket costs for EMSA emergency medical service program. The cost of $5.45 per month is included on your City of Tulsa utility bill. Utility customers can opt out during the opt-out period each year (August 1-31). verbally opt out by calling 311 or when they first open a utility account with the City of Tulsa, or by completing a Declaration of Non-Participation form. For more information, call (918) 396-2888 or visit EMSA Online

Commercial and Multifamily Rates
For information on commercial, multifamily or outside city rates, call 311 or if you are outside the Tulsa City Limits, call (918) 596-2100.

Utility Rates and Customer Service Fees Rate Book - Effective October 2022 - This book will be updated shortly.