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Fire Watch

Fire Watch is a temporary equivalency to allow buildings or events to operate when they are not able to meet the provisions of the International Fire Code and/or Title 14 of City of Tulsa Revised Ordinances.

Purpose of Fire Watch Personnel
Fire watch personnel are responsible for identifying and controlling fire hazards, detecting early signs of unwanted fire, raising an alarm of fire and notifying the fire department, notifying occupants in danger, and assisting with evacuation.

Fire Watch is normally required when:

  1. A required fire alarm or suppression system is not operational. 
  2. A building is used in a manner other than allowed by its Certificate of Occupancy with the City of Tulsa.
  3. Other special situations deemed appropriate by the Fire Code Official for the City of Tulsa (Fire Marshal).

Providers of Fire Watch Personnel
The Tulsa Fire Marshal’s Office approves providers of fire watch personnel in the City of Tulsa. At a minimum, a provider must prove that they are an established business and are insured to provide fire watch personnel services.  This is for the protection of our citizens as well as those who hire fire watch services.

The Tulsa Fire Marshal’s Office cannot recommend any specific fire watch personnel provider. Following is a list of the fire watch personnel providers that are currently approved by the Tulsa Fire Marshal’s Office:

in alphabetical order: 

A-1 Firewatch Services LLC: (918) 857-6711
Absolute Fire Protection: (918) 230-6061 or (918) 284-1488
Action Fire Protection: (405) 227-7946
ASAP Inferno Firewatch: (918) 292-9930 or (918) 631-7232
Fire Watchers of Tulsa: (918) 857-6711
Green Country First Response LLC: (918) 855-1196
Performance Fire Systems: (918) 630-7344
TenSeven LLC: 918-760-5135
Tiger Fire Protection LLC (918) 740-3299

Any person employed by a fire watch personnel provider to provide fire watch services must be Fire Fighter I certified in accordance with NFPA 1001. Anyone conducting fire watches must have a paper or digital copy of their Fire Fighter I certificate on their person. Fire watch personnel are NOT required to be a member of a fire department.