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Application Guidelines

In addition to the mandatory testing requirements, there are several areas that are considered to be important in the review of an applicant's qualifications for the Tulsa Fire Department. The following should serve only as a guide for applicants. In no way does meeting one or all of the following guarantee an applicant employment with the Tulsa Fire Department.

Education: The minimum requirement to test for the Tulsa Fire Department is a high school diploma or GED certificate. However, any additional education, ranging from Technical School to a Bachelor's degree and above, may be considered. Course work in Fire Technology or any Advanced Fire Training may also be reviewed.

Military Experience: Current or previous experience in the military may be evaluated. Although this is not a requirement to test for Firefighter, experience of this kind may be reviewed in light of the fact that the Tulsa Fire Department is a para-military organization.

Responsible Work History: The level of responsibility of your current job may be evaluated. Aspects such as previous employment, promotions one has received, and stability of employment may also ne considered. In addition, periods of self-employment may also be considered as relevant work experience.

Community Involvement/Activity: The Tulsa Fire Department provides a vital service to our community and therefore encourages community involvement. An applicant's current membership in community organizations, volunteer work, and ability to show leadership may be evaluated.

Job Related Training/Skills In addition to the minimum requirements, the Tulsa Fire Department may evaluate an applicant's previous experience and training in the field of Fire Protection. Examples of additional qualifications may include First Responder certification, EMT certification, previous firefighting experience, advanced course work in fire technology and/or fire protection, and any other relevant experience.

In addition, applicants selected for final review will be subject to a criminal background investigation and reference check. Individual decisions will be made based on the circumstances and nature of the offence. These guidelines are subject to change or revision by the Tulsa Fire Department at any time.