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Salary and Benefit Information

As of June 2022, the following salary and benefits are in effect:

Cadet Salary: $1,670.85 per pay period (26 pay periods/year)

Probationary Firefighter: $1,856.51 per pay period (26 pay periods/year)

Longevity Pay: Longevity pay shall begin after completion of three (3) years of service at the rate of $28.80 per month and increases by $9.60 per month each year to a maximum of $240 per month after twenty years of service.

Retirement: Retirement at 50 percent of pay after twenty (20) years of service and 50 years of age. 

Sick Leave: Upon completion of probationary period, paid sick leave accrues at the rate of twelve (12) hours for 24 hour shift employees or 9.23 hours for 8-hour shift employees for each full month worked.

Health Insurance: Both individual and family coverage is available from plans under the jurisdiction of a Health and Welfare Trust administered by the Union and funded by the City as if firefighters and their dependents remained within the City's Health and Welfare programs. These insurance programs include medical health, dental health and life insurance plans.

Uniform Allowance: Beginning May 1, 2015, the Fire Department utilizes a Quartermaster System.

Educational Incentive Pay: Educational incentive pay is available to those who qualify with post-secondary coursework at an appropriately accredited college or university. Educational incentive pay ranges from $50 to $100 per month.

Language Incentive Pay: Language incentive pay is available for Spanish, Vietnamese, and Sign Language proficiencies. Upon successful completion of the language proficiency testing process, employees shall receive an incentive of $50 per month.

Promotional Opportunities: After three years of continued service, Firefighters are eligible for promotional examinations for the position of Fire Equipment Operator (Driver).

For further information contact the Testing Coordinator at (918) 596-1069 or the Recruitment Officer at (918) 596-9418.