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Call Center Manager

Capital Planning Manager

Carpenter II


Certificate of Occupancy Coordinator

Chief of Performance, Strategy, and Innovation

Chief Appraiser

Chief Information Officer

Chief Internal Auditor

Chief of Emergency Medical Services

Chief Public Defender

Chief Real Estate Agent

Chief Resilience Officer

Chief Risk Officer

City Attorney

City Auditor

City Councilor

City Physician

City Security Administrative Supervisor

City Security Officer

Claims Specialist I

Claims Specialist II

Code Compliance Coordinator

Collections Analyst

Collegiate Aide

Commercial Motor Vehicle Training Specialist

Commercial Refuse Account Lead

Community Development and Education Administrative Manager

Communications Engagement Specialist

Community Engagement Coordinator

Community Involvement Coordinator

Compensation and Policy Administration Manager

Compliance Coordinator

Compliance Monitor I

Compliance Officer

Compliance/Investigative Administrator

Computer Support Manager

Computer Support/Deployment Senior Analyst

Computer Support/LAN Analyst

Computer Support/LAN Associate Consultant

Computer Support/LAN Consultant

Computer Support/LAN Senior Technician

Computer Support/LAN Technician

Configuration Management Database (CMDB) Coordinator

Configuration Coordinator

Construction & Retail Development Manager

Construction Inspector Apprentice

Construction Inspector I

Construction Inspector II

Construction Inspector Manager

Construction Manager

Contract Inspector I

Contract Inspector II

Contracts Coordinator


Cost Administrator

Council Administrative Aide II

Council Administrative Aide III

Council Administrator

Council Communications Officer

Council Support Administrator II

Council Support Assistant II

Court Administrator

Court Operations Supervisor

Court Records Supervisor

Court Reporter

Crew Helper

Crew Leader I

Crew Leader II

Crew Leader III

Crew Worker I

Crew Worker II

Crime and Intelligence Analyst

Crime and Intelligence Unit Manager

Crime Victim Advocate

Culture and Recreation Attractions Manager

Custodial Contract Inspector

Custodial Worker II

Custodial Worker III

Customer Account Representative  I

Customer Account Representative II

Customer Account Representative III

Customer Accounting Supervisor

Customer Care Learning and Development Coordinator

Customer Service Supervisor  II