Park Rules and Ordinances

If you are interested in renting a City of Tulsa Park & Recreation facility or using a park for a special event or other activity, please review the following information. If you have any questions please call our Customer Service office at (918) 596-PARK (7275).

Acts Requiring Permits
The following activities require a Park Department Permit.

  1. Give any theatrical entertainment, moving picture show, parade, procession or public gathering, festival concert, recreational program, event, or other outdoor presentation, whether or not an admission fee is charged.
  2. Use a loud speaker, public address system, amplifier or any other device to amplify and direct sound.
  3. Dig, bury, erect, build, uncover, place or remove any object or store any materials or equipment of any kind.
  4. Sell, offer for sale or give away without charge any food, drink, merchandise, service or any other article.
  5. Use any park area or facility for any commercial purpose including the production of films, photographs or advertisements, whether for sale to individuals or groups.

Park Rules

Excerpts from General Park Rules

  • Motor vehicles permitted on roads and parking areas only; commercial vehicles restricted to park needs only.
  • Keep dogs on leash.
  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages in parking areas and roadways not permitted.
  • Place litter in trash containers.
  • Swimming, wading, boating or ice activities are not permitted on ponds or lakes.
  • Cutting, picking, damaging or disturbing any tree shrub or flower is unlawful.

Excerpts from Title 26: Acts Prohibited
[All City ordinances must be observed at any park or Park Department facility. The following are additional specific acts prohibited under Title 26 of the Municipal Code.]

  • No person shall make a fire in any park area or facility except in places provided for such purposes.
  • No person shall use any portion of any park or facility for toilet purposes, except the public restrooms or comfort stations provided.
  • No person shall offer or expose for sale for a profit any article without first having obtained a concessionaires license.
  • No person shall swim or wade in any lagoon, lake, fountain or other waters in any park area or facility.
  • No person shall interfere with, disobey or ignore any lawful order of any employee while in the performance of his duties in any park area or facility.
  • No person shall fly a kite in any portion of the area designated as Mohawk Park.
  • No person shall enter into or remain upon nor shall any vehicle be left unattended in any park area or facility between the hours of 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. unless an earlier curfew is approved by the Board or Director as posted at the park area or facility; provided, however, that use of such park area or facility may be allowed during these hours when a permit has been obtained in accordance with the procedures set forth in this chapter.
  • No person shall bring into any park, have in his/her possession, serve, sell or give to another, or use while in a park, any glassware, including but not limited to bottles, jars, containers, drinking vessels, and tableware; provided, this prohibition shall not apply in park areas in the Tulsa Zoo and the Garden Center, around the Gilcrease Museum, or on any park areas which are commercially leased for food and beverage sales.

Excerpts from Park Board Rules and Regulations:
Conduct at Parks
It is the policy of the Park and Recreation Board that violation of posted park use rules, non-compliance with park or facility use reservations as shown on City of Tulsa Park and Recreation Department Use Permits, violation of Federal and state laws, City of Tulsa ordinances and Park and Recreation Board policies, and non-adherence to use and behavior rules as given by department staff will not be tolerated in the public parks.

Exclusive Use of Land or Facilities
All exclusive use shall be authorized by issuance of an Exclusive Use Permit. Written informational sheets may be attached to the permit if necessary to communicate specific use arrangements or requirements.

Unusable Facilities

It will be Board policy regarding user groups that any time fields are unplayable or park areas become unusable, the activity will be canceled. That decision will be made by the Director of the Park and Recreation Department or his/her designated representative. Using entities shall assume this responsibility and monitor compliance within their program; however, the department may override their decisions.