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Implementing the Parks Master Plan

Implementation of the Parks Master Plan has commenced with major renovations.

Completed with citizen input, three of the top Master Plan Recommendations were:

Tulsa Parks Master Plan
Renovations - Interesting Facts

  • Departments
  • Braden2617_205x154.jpg
  • Manion_1445_233x175.jpg
  • MohawkSoccer236x177.jpg
  • trail with lights_212x159.jpg
  • TurnerPark2621_200x150.jpg
  • playground_413x153.jpg

Turner Park

Turner Park saw the removal of the old community center and pool, and replaced with a new pavilion, trails and lighting.

Braden Park

The pond and Shelter had a complete remodel. Additional artwork was also installed.

Mohawk Soccer Complex

Playing and practice fields with lighting and a sprinkler system are complete. Also added were playgrounds, shelters, and concession areas.

Manion Park

The community center and pool have been removed and a new water playground and shelter have been installed