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Creating a Path to Home

Path to Home is a three-part initiative that:

  • Highlights our current work as it relates to homelessness, housing, and mental health
  • Highlights the future work that is in the planning and development stages
  • Highlights how Tulsans can get more information about resources to help their community

Work Being Done
The City currently has multiple programs, policies, resources, staffing supports, response models, and reporting mechanisms in place that help address homelessness at the intersection of housing and mental health. Path to Home serves as an outlet to streamline the communication of these efforts into a more recognizable format. 

Work in Planning Phases
While one of the most anticipated projects of 2024 is the opening of Tulsa's first Low-Barrier Shelter, there are multiple other programs, housing resources, and opportunities expected to launch and make strides the coming year. Path to Home is meant to help bridge the connection between what is already being done and what is in the works.

Reporting Resources for Tulsans
Path to Home also serves as a resource not only for those looking to see the work being done and planned, but to see the ways they can find reporting mechanisms and ways to help those in need.


Strategies & Action Steps


Important Information