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Mayor Presents Proposed FY22 City of Tulsa Budget

This article was archived on 6/24/2021

Mayor G.T. Bynum presented the proposed Fiscal Year 2021 - 2022 budget to the Tulsa City Council this evening with a total proposed budget of $ $799.4 million, which includes all city funds, operations and capital funding from Improve Our Tulsa and Vision Tulsa. The general fund, which funds most core services and operations, is projected to have $262.9 million in revenue.

Mayor Bynum’s budget speech and the proposed FY22 budget can be found online.

Budget highlights:

Capital Budget Highlights

The Tulsa City Council will review and discuss the Mayor’s proposed budget and must approve a budget for the upcoming fiscal year at least seven days prior to June 30, the end of the City’s fiscal year. After the budget has been approved, Fiscal Year 21 -22 will begin July 1.