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Service Update: Water Pump Down; Some Residents Could See Low Water Pressure

This article was archived on 3/6/2021

(10:40 p.m.) – Slight gains in storage tank levels that were realized this evening were lost when a 30-million-gallon-per-day pump at the Mohawk Water Treatment Plant had to be taken out of service due to a significant leak in the supporting piping. 

The pump had to immediately be taken out of service and a back-up pump was started. The back-up pump failed to start, and City maintenance staff expects to have the back-up pump back by tomorrow. Some water customers can expect low water pressure through tomorrow until the pump is fully back in service. All other water operations will continue through the night, including waterline work.

The City of Tulsa continues to ask Tulsans and the surrounding communities it serves to minimize water usage to only essential water use. 

Customers in the highest points of the City of Tulsa should expect to receive water at diminished pressures and volumes during this time.  Locations include, but are not limited to:

We ask that all residences, businesses and surrounding communities do their part to conserve water to minimize disruption to life-saving services that need the water in the distribution system including area hospitals, clinics and multiple fire departments.

More information about the City’s water supply system can be found at:

Reporting Waterline Breaks: If the Water Distribution call number 918-596-9488 is busy, citizens may also report waterline breaks to