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Customer Care Center

Director: Monica Hamilton

Mission: To serve as the central point of contact for the City of Tulsa, assisting responsive, accessible and accountable City government. 

The purpose of the Customer Care Center is to enhance the City’s ability to provide consistent, timely and quality responses to citizens’ requests for information and assistance with services and programs. The Customer Care Center provides courteous, pleasant and knowledgeable staff to listen and help answer or address citizen requests and concerns. Citizen contact with the Customer Care Center is typically by phone, mail, email and web-based sources through multiple published phone numbers. Requests are resolved in the Customer Care Center or gathered, logged and routed to the appropriate departments for review and resolution. Weekly reports are generated and forwarded to designated department personnel to help facilitate a timely response. All service requests are monitored by the Customer Care Center until resolved. Examples of call types include: water requests, refuse concerns, nuisance, zoning, potholes, animal welfare, citizen comments and general inquiries.

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