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Utility Billing - Frequently Asked Questions

How can I pay my utility bill?

How do I turn my service on or off?

Will my water be shut off or will I get a late fee if I haven't been able to pay my bill yet?
Starting in August, water shut-offs and late fees are reinstated. If you need to make payment arrangements, . 

How do I find my new Account ID Number and Customer ID Number?
These new numbers will be on customers’ new bill, near the top of the page. Account (6-Digits) - Customer ID (7-Digits)
View New Bill  -  Front | View New Bill - Back

I am signed up for paperless billing, will I need to do anything?
No. You will continue to receive notification emails when you are billed. The notifications will now include a PDF copy of your bill and come from an email with this domain:

What can I do in the new online system?

At this time, you can: 

My water usage seems really high. What should I do?

For customers who their bills may be higher than normal, common solutions to determining whether charges are warranted include:

  1. Checking the Current Charges along with the Previous Balance located under the Due Date. Some bills may seem high if the previous bill’s payment has not posted to the account at the time the bill was mailed.
  2. Checking the Read Type located under Charge Details on the second page. An “E” or “M” will indicate the bill was estimated using the average usage per day. May and June’s billing period could be larger due to the delay in the bill process and will adjust with next month’s actual read.
  3. Reviewing Usage History on the bar graph for the past twelve months. The usage in May and June traditionally increases with outdoor watering where the previous few months will be lower reflecting times when outdoor watering is not a factor in usage.

After reviewing the new monthly water use graph, I think I may have a leak. What should I do?
Look for dripping faucets, showerheads and fixture connections. Also check for leaks in your irrigation systems and outside spigots. Tighten pipe connections and replace fixtures if necessary. To check for a toilet leak, put a few drops of food coloring in the tank and see if it appears in the toilet bowl before you have flushed.

If you would like help finding or fixing a water leak, call a plumber. If you suspect an error in your bill, call the Customer Care Center at 311 during regular business hours.

How do I read my meter?
Simply read the numbers shown on the odometer (this records total water usage) from left to right to take your meter reading. Every turn of a black number measures 1,000 gallons. Every turn of a white number in the first black register measures 100 gallons. The second black register measures in 10 gallons. The “0” at the end is the place holder.