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Utility Billing - Frequently Asked Questions

How can I pay my utility bill?

How do I turn my service on or off?
Learn more about Account Activation, Transfer, and Shut-Offs for City of Tulsa utilities.

Will my water be shut off or will I get a late fee if I haven't been able to pay my bill yet?
If you need to make payment arrangements, please contact Customer Care during regular business hours at or by calling 311.

How do I find my Account ID Number and Customer ID Number?
Your Account ID and Customer ID will be on your bill, near the top of the page. Account (6-Digits) - Customer ID (7-Digits)
View Bill - Front | View Bill - Back

What can I do in the online utility system?

At this time, you can: 

My water usage seems really high. What should I do?
For customers who their bills may be higher than normal, common solutions to determining whether charges are warranted include:

  1. Checking the Current Charges along with the Previous Balance located under the Due Date. Some bills may seem high if the previous bill’s payment has not posted to the account at the time the bill was mailed.
  2. Checking the Read Type located under Charge Details on the second page. An “EST” or “MAN” will indicate the bill was estimated using the average usage per day. 
  3. Reviewing Usage History on the bar graph for the past twelve months. The usage in May and June traditionally increases with outdoor watering where the previous few months will be lower reflecting times when outdoor watering is not a factor in usage.

After reviewing my bill, I think I may have a leak. What should I do?
Look for dripping faucets, showerheads and fixture connections. Also check for leaks in your irrigation systems and outside spigots. Tighten pipe connections and replace fixtures if necessary. To check for a toilet leak, put a few drops of food coloring in the tank and see if it appears in the toilet bowl before you have flushed.

If you would like help finding or fixing a water leak, call a plumber. If you suspect an error in your bill, call the Customer Care Center at 311 during regular business hours.

How do I read my meter?
Simply read the numbers shown on the odometer (this records total water usage) from left to right to take your meter reading. Every turn of a black number measures 1,000 gallons. Every turn of a white number in the first black register measures 100 gallons. The second black register measures in 10 gallons. The “0” at the end is the place holder.

Water Estimates

Why is my water bill estimated?
The City is unable to get an actual read on every water meter. We are currently faced with several vacancies among our full-time meter reader positions.

Will you also estimate my sewer bill?
Yes, your sewer bill will be estimated when your water bill is estimated. Sewer charges are based on the volume of water billed.

How do you calculate the estimated consumption?
The bill is estimated based on your daily average usage. If your bill is estimated from November through March, the estimate is computed based on the daily average consumption for the previous 3 years. For bills estimated from April through October, the estimate is based on the daily average consumption for the previous 12 months. Higher estimates may be adjusted downward after further review.

How does the City account for actual consumption during the period the bill is estimated?
The City will true-up your usage on the next bill when your meter is read. At the time, the City will calculate volume used since the last actual read. If the estimate was high, you will see a credit on your next bill. If the estimate was low, you will see a higher bill.  The City does not typically estimate consumption unless we have at least two actual monthly reads prior to the estimate.

Water Cutoff Fees and Water Meter Pull Fees

Why did the City of Tulsa update its water cutoff fees and procedures?
The change was made to streamline the workflow process for accounts that have gone delinquent in payment of their water bill and to cover the City’s increased costs to deliver water service.    

What are the new water cutoff procedure changes?
Beginning in 2024, City workers will turn off the water and lock a resident’s water meter box after 24 days of non-payment (instead of turning the water off at 24 days late and physically removing the water meter at 31 days of non-payment).

Locking meter boxes instead of pulling meters will save the City money and man-hours. The City averages approximately 73,000 water cutoff and water meter pull work orders each year, in addition to 18,000 meter reset work orders annually. 

What are the fee changes?
In 2024, the water cutoff fee will increase from $30 to $40 (for water cutoff and to restore water once the delinquent bill is paid).

The combined water cutoff and meter pull fee will decrease from $70 to $40 (since the meter box will be locked instead of the meter being pulled). 

Who will be impacted by these changes?
These changes will impact residents whose water is scheduled to be turned off when their water bill has gone delinquent for more than 24 days. 

What is the City’s current process for collecting payment from residents for water service?
The timeline for the water billing process is:

Day 1: A resident is billed for their monthly water usage
Day 22: The water bill is due
Day 25: A late fee is added to the resident’s late water bill
Day 46: If the bill has not been paid, a water cutoff and meter lock order is issued by the City
Day 53: If the bill is still not paid, an inspection order is issued by the City  
Day 74: If the bill has still not been paid, a second inspection order is issued by the City, the account is closed and the issue is sent to collections 

What are the water cutoff fees?

Water cutoff and meter lock fee of $40
No Reinstate fee
Total of $40

What are the water meter pull fees?

Water cutoff and meter lock fee of $40
No Reinstate fee
Total of $40

Will this new 2024 water cutoff procedure give residents more time before their delinquent bills are sent to collections?
Yes. As part of the new process, residents will have until 52 days past the bill’s due date before the account is sent to collections. In the past, an account would be closed and sent to collections 41 days past the due date.

What if residents force entry into their locked meter box to illegally turn their water back on?
If a resident forces entry into a locked City of Tulsa water meter box, they will be subject to tampering fees and financially responsible for any damage done to the water meter or meter box.

What options are available from the City for residents who need assistance paying their water bills?
Residents with past-due accounts can set up a payment schedule with the City’s Customer Care department by dialing 311 or calling (918) 596-2100.